Led to Start

I’ve always wondered… how does one get to the point to where they feel they have something to say that will be of worth to others?  Up until about six months ago, I never saw myself as the type of person who would start a blog.  I get passionate about sharing my ideas and analysis, my systems, my opinions (I am a teacher at heart), but I’ve always tried to do so in the context of relationships.  My pastor loves to say, “People don’t care how much you KNOW until they know how much you CARE,” and I strive to hold true to that.

But I also care about other things:

  • following God’s leading in the big things – even if it is something WAY outside my comfort zone, like starting a blog,
  • following God’s leading in the little things – like naming the blog something that I felt prompted to (Does God really care what I name my blog?!?), and
  • honoring God with the brains, guts and talents that I’ve been given.

All this ties in with my life mission statement which I developed recently…

“With confident humility, I will stand where God wants me to stand, continually striving to make myself and others better.” 

My prayer is that no matter the leadership position or spiritual “status” of each reader, what I share will bring value to them and those within their Sphere of Influence.

8 thoughts on “Led to Start

  1. So excited to hear more from this incredible lady and sister in Christ! I love the title, what a great expression of your heart:). Go Liza, go Liza!


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