How Do You Lead? It’s Time to Check Yourself

OK, so you’ve settled on the fact that leadership is important and that you are, in fact, a leader.  Now what?

Start with the Key Question: “What type of leader do I want to be?”

I personally struggled with this question for several years.  As my effectiveness as a leader grew, I became more confident in my leadership skills.  But I would wonder if my confidence was actually pride or arrogance.  I’m sure it was at times.  I even had a leader who I admire call me “cocky”.  I accepted it as a compliment – as it was intended.  The problem I would come back to, however, was that I never had a way to define the difference between pride and confidence.

At a recent meeting for local church and business leaders, I was handed the book, “Lead Like Jesus” by Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges.  The section that really stood out to me was the one that defined the difference between leading out of pride and fear vs. confidence and humility.

Finally, I had clarity… It is possible to lead with confidence AND humility (and not be cocky)!

scale Here’s where it’s time to do a self-check:

Confident humility in leadership is: (Lead Like Jesus, p. 64)

  • A Kingdom perspective of cause and effect
  • Resting assured in God’s nature, goodness, purpose, plan, process, and provision
  • Transparency and effectiveness
  • Proceeding in faith one step at a time

BUT, leading out of pride and fear looks like this: (Lead Like Jesus, p. 49)

  • Boasting
  • Taking all of the credit
  • Doing all the talking
  • Hoarding control and revenues
  • Discouraging honest feedback

Where are you at?  What set of characteristics do you lean toward?  If you don’t know, then ask those around you.  (Scary, I know!)  Remember, it’s difficult to see in yourself the point where you cross over from confidence to pride or arrogance.  The people that spend days and weeks with you are able to see it much better, and have already identified those characteristics in you.  Trust them to speak truthfully into your life, and also trust God to help you move from leading out of fearful pride to leading out of confident humility.


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