Why Leadership?

Here’s my “Why”, and here’s how I see leadership: it’s absolutely essential in order to do what God is calling you to.  You WILL lead someone, and the most important person to lead is yourself.  For me, it’s not about position, power or success.  It’s about bringing out every ounce of skill that God has given to me and others so that HE can do HIS work.  I never want to look back and say that I wasn’t at my best or that I wasn’t leading someone to be their best – and that I hindered God’s work.  (Even though I know He can use even my worst leadership moments.)


I think where people get into a tough cycle is that when you do something of worth, people notice and praise you for it, so you assume that means you must be on the right track and you strive harder.  After so much positive feedback, it gets difficult to separate out the praise of man from the pleasure of God.

Here’s the Key Question: How does one get out or stay out of that cycle of praise–confidence–striving?

For me, it comes back to my life mission statement:

“With confident humility, I will stand where GOD wants me to stand, continually striving to make myself and others better.” 

Enter the Sphere. Reply here.

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